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The Book of Spells (Private, #), Last Christmas (Private, #), Private (Private, #1), Invitation Only (Private, #2), Untouchable (Private, #3), Con.
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July 1, [9]. February 5, [13].


Reed Brennan starts her sophomore year at Easton Academy. She meets Thomas Pearson and eventually the two start dating. She also observes the Billings Girls, the most popular girls on campus. Reed will do anything to fit in with them. The novel ends with Reed being initiated into Billings and Thomas' disappearance. The first continuation of the series, following Reed's ongoing journey as she discovers the fuller extent of what it means to be a Billings Girl, with the issue of blackmail entering the picture and secrecy becoming more prominent.

Also, Reed finds out about an exclusive party called the Legacy and tries to find a way to get in. At the end, it is revealed that Thomas Pearson was murdered and his body has been found. This edition focuses on the mystery surrounding the lost life of a major character. While dealing with the repercussions, Reed finds a new love interest, but is soon faced with an ethical dilemma as he becomes a suspect in the case.

The fourth entry concludes Reed's first year at Easton, along with the series' first arc. Several revelations are presented surrounding the campus mystery of Thomas Pearson's murder. August 28, [9]. June 2, [13]. The fifth installment marked a new beginning for the series, following the initiation of Reed's second year at Easton and giving greater prominence to supporting characters—namely Constance, Astrid, Missy, Kiki, and Lorna.

The ambitious Cheyenne Martin rises to new heights on the social scene, putting her at odds with Reed due to differences over the fate of Billings House. Cheyenne is later murdered. Additionally, a newcomer named Sabine arrives at Easton, joining the campus conflicts. As life changes rapidly, Reed is promoted to Billings president—leaving her to reap the benefits of her new position, while being simultaneously challenged by the various duties and expectations it brings.

A central focus of the book concerns Reed's increasingly troubled relationship with Josh. This matter is fueled by a number of factors, including her growing commitment to her new position, the return of Noelle Lange, and the romantic advances of Dash McCafferty, who flirts with Reed via email and eventually in person. After the dramatic events of the previous book, Reed, president of Billings, is now tasked with preventing her dorm from being shut down.

As part of a deal with Headmaster Cromwell, Reed soon learns that she must raise 5 million dollars in only one month. During that time, the Billings Girls attempt to find ideas for a grand fund raiser. Also, Reed begins to find things such as black marbles and Cheyenne's clothes in her dorm room, leading her to suspect Ivy Slade—Josh's new love interest—of planting these artifacts. After being exiled to Pemberley after a video of she and Dash was spread to the entire school, Reed must grapple with becoming an outcast, being Ivy Slade's new neighbor, and getting back into Noelle's good graces.

Invitation Only

Above all, she is faced with finding Cheyenne's murderer before they come after her, or anyone else who she loves. February 24, [9]. October 29, [13]. Paradise Lost follows Billings Girls new and old on a vacation to St. Barth 's. The story briefly touches upon the love triangle between Reed, Josh, and Ivy—now complicated by Reed and Ivy's budding friendship.

While on vacation, Reed meets a popular young man named Upton Giles, who becomes her newest love interest. However, Reed's closeness to Upton sparks jealousy, and she eventually becomes the target of several stunts, ranging from harmless to dangerous. Suspicion picks up where Paradise Lost left off. Reed is eventually rescued by Sawyer, and decides to stay on the island, despite the numerous attempts on her life. She is eventually kidnapped and left on a deserted island, where she remains for six days until Upton and the police arrive. She later discovers that the mother of a girl named Paige had attempted to murder her because of previous sexual relations with Upton.

The book ends with Reed parting ways with Upton on good terms, and arriving back at Easton to find Billings gone. Reed returns for a new semester at Easton with new friend, Ivy Slade, and newcomers to the school, Sawyer and Graham Hathaway. The Billings Girls come back to find their house demolished, splitting them up and making them regular Easton students. Reed goes back into her room to find a mysterious gift.

The gift contains a book outlining the rules of the Billings Literary Society BLS , a secret society the women of Billings created a long time ago. Reed recreates it with Ivy Slade. Playing by the rules, they only allow eleven of the fifteen Billings girls in, creating a divide.

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The book ends with Noelle missing and a mysterious text message. Noelle disappears, and to get her back, Reed must comply with the demands of Noelle's kidnappers.

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Strange revelations about Reed's family are unveiled in the process. February 22, [9]. March [13]. The Book of Spells is discovered by Noelle and Reed, and they begin unraveling the mysteries of magic with the rest of the Billings girls. Their lineage proves important as one by one, the Billings girls go missing, and Reed has strange dreams connecting the present with the past.

In the final Private novel, Reed receives mysterious messages from someone who opposes the rebuilding of Billings House.

Invitation Only (Private Series #2)

This is where the seniors graduate and a new beginning for Reed at Billings starts. October 7, [9]. This prequel revisits Ariana Osgood during the events of her junior year, including her relationship with Thomas Pearson. Ariana is revealed to have issues with patience and insecurity. She also has a hard time controlling her anger. Ariana is also a bit obsessed with love, and kills Thomas's ex and another boy who had a crush on her after she mistakenly thought that he was stalking her.

The book ends with the beginning of Private , when Ariana is eagerly awaiting the public announcement that she and Thomas are together. However, she is shocked and infuriated when Reed comes into the picture. It ends when Ariana wonders whether anybody would realize or care if Reed "suddenly disappeared. December 21, [29].

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February 3, [13]. Set in , this prequel explores the history of Easton Academy and Billings House. Featuring fantasy elements, the novel follows a group of Billings Girls who discover the titular book, and attempt to use witchcraft to their advantage at school. December 30, [9]. As with the first prequel, this spin-off also focuses on Ariana Osgood. The book follows her present life as she escapes from her mental institution and attempts to assume a new identity.

Ariana goes after the wealthy Briana Leigh Covington, believing her to have killed her own father while framing Ariana's friend from the institution, Kaitlynn. After forming a friendship with Briana Leigh, she wavers on which of her friends she should remain loyal to. Ariana chooses Kaitlynn and kills Briana Leigh so she can assume the girl's identity.

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Kaitlynn later betrays Ariana after she frees her from the institution. Ariana feels guilty for what she did and fakes her own death using Briana Leigh's body. Posing as Briana Leigh Covington, Ariana Osgood attends Atherton-Pryce Hall where she faces new conflicts such as fitting in with a new group of friends, competing in a school competition to win the right to live in the prestigious dorm, and fighting her attraction to Palmer, the boyfriend of her new clique leader Lexa. Ariana manages to pay her with the money she steals from a school fundraiser.

After cheating to win the school competition and inadvertently breaking up Palmer and Lexa, Ariana discovers that Kaitlynn created a new identity for herself so she could attend Atherton-Pryce Hall with her. In the third book, Ariana, posing as Briana Leigh Covington, is shocked to find that her former cell-mate Kaitlynn is now posing as new student Lillian Oswald.

Kaitlynn blackmails Ariana into getting invites to parties, secret clubs, and threatens to kill Ariana or one of her friends if she cannot complete her tasks. Ariana is determined to get rid of Kaitlynn, but cannot do it in fear of being found out. The book ends with Ariana failing to help Kaitlynn. And in return, Kaitlynn pushes Brigit down the stairs, killing her. In Sweet Deceit , Ariana, Kaitlynn, and a few of their friends are faced with tasks to complete while attempting to join a secret society. In a final confrontation, Ariana lures Kaitlynn into a trap and kills her, saving Lexa's life in the process.

After the girls bury Kaitlynn's body, Ariana encounters a drunken Kiran Hayes, and pushes her off a bridge to protect her new identity. Lexa becomes emotionally unstable while trying to keep the secret. Ariana receives Briana Leigh's inheritance, and enters a love triangle with Palmer and a fellow student named Jasper. The book ends with Lexa being hospitalized, while Ariana spots Reed Brennan in person. Ariana visits the hospital to check on her friend Lexa, where she finds Reed Brennan and decides to finally succeed in killing her.

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After Lexa decides to reveal the truth about their role in the murder of Kaitlynn Nottingham, Ariana kills Lexa. Due to this death, Ariana is nominated as president of her secret society. A counselor is brought in to talk to the students and help them through the tough time, who is Dr. Meloni, a man who knew Ariana in her former life.

Invitation Only is the second novel in the Private series. Thomas has gone missing, one of the Billings Girls has been expelled, and Reed Brennan has finally moved into the dorm she had her eye on when she first came to the private school. But even though Reed is in Billings House, doesn't exactly mean she is in the clique.

Turns out, the Billings Girls have a little hazing present for Reed that will keep her busy. That's right--Reed has to actually do the girls' beds every morning and clean up the dorm. Who knows exactly how long that will last. But that's not the only thing on Reed's mind. Her boyfriend, Thomas Pearson , has just gone missing during parents' weekend.