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The world today has change a lot over the years. The way people are looked at and judged has really changed. People in the world today are starting to change and decide what they want their genders to be no matter what they were born as. They can choose if they want to be a girl or boy and don 't care about how people look at them.

Changing genders is not something easy to do, so people have to tell their family and hope they agree because it could be going against their rules and their beliefs. But which one of those is the real us? Introduction One truth that mankind faces is change; it is inevitable and unavoidable. Individuals and groups from all walks of life and with similar or shared values, beliefs, or experiences constantly face some form of change.

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Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. M ichael A ugspurger. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. K athy M. N ewman. Radio Active: Advertising and Consumer Activism, — E mily Y ellin. New York: Free Press. A llan W. A ustin. The Asian American Experience. J on H unner. R ussell B. O lwell. Fine brings into the spotlight the sort of workers--overwhelmingly white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male farmers--who played such a pivotal role in industrial history but who, because of their homogeneity, are largely overlooked.

Fine's extraordinarily sensitive portrayal of Reo Joe makes us understand and care about the working people of Lansing. Fine's attention to the bonds of manhood forged in and out of the workplace and to the power of the imagined Reo factory family offers an important new perspective on labor history. No activado. If you're interested in the socio-economic aspects of how certain segments of the population empowered their masculinity within the familial bonds of the REO factory, this is a well-researched and well-thought out read that will probably bring you some enlightenment.

On the other hand, if you're like me - someone who grew up near the REO factory, who is simply interested in some history, maybe some stories about the factory and geography around it, and the important figures in its history, you may find this a bit droll. You won't find any mention of the year the railroad spur was built through the factory, or how many trainloads of freight went in or out the doors.

You won't learn much about the fire truck accessory factory on the other side of Cedar that took advantage of the location next to the REO factory. Or was it part of the REO factory? I didn't learn from this book. In other words, it's a social studies tome, not a history of Diamond REO. Although I picked up a few interesting tidbits as I read, this did not turn out to be the book I was looking for. There are so few choices when it comes to books about REO, though, that I decided to take a chance on it.

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