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While he spends his days drunk, his kids learn to take care of themselves. Agressive tailgater driving a SUV yelling misogynistic obscenities roars past Fiona when she changes to the right lane. Veronica is hiding behind a poster at an upscale restaurant watching a man before mustering up the courage. Burly police detective walks into interrogation room with Carl and two dozen bags of heroin on table. Ian is charging back and forth through the house with a baseball bat believing MPs are coming for him. Like wtf, all you do is say the obvious or regurgitate shit. Get the fuck outta here.

That happened? Holy shit, Anisa , you defended a man bragging about sexual assault. You have no fucking shame. I'd spit on her ugly, pear face right now if I could. For most of my life, my closest friends were men and I've never heard any of them speak that way. I was as close as you can get to being "one of the guys" while still being a chick, they had no problem telling me bout jerking off too much and chafing their dick skin, so nobody can try and claim "Well, maybe they held back around you".

Anisa, wanting to be the jerkbait fodder of sweaty neckbeards is not something a normal person aspires to be. Reach down deep inside and try to find some fucking dignity. Also, I submit a new nickname for Anisa: Chunk. Do it! If you brag about forcing yourself on women around her, she won't be some bitchy wet blanket about it!

She gets it. If I could punch her in the back of the head right now, I'd be the happiest lady alive. Can someone reply to her "smash or pass" tweet with a screencap of this tweet and tell her to stop being an "uptight female"? PNG One of my favourite things about Ian's new video is how, he was trying to act like he doesn't care and it wasn't a huge deal that "What's In The Box? He's backed himself into a corner and I hope his channel dies there.

Did you erase it? Could she have deleted it? I forget if you can delete replies to your tweets. I know you do, Anisa, you dumb bitch. But, yeah, he definitely took it hard to some degree when What's in the Box flopped. I remember him saying "I really need you guys to like this" in a I'm-joking-haha-but-no-seriously-I-really-need-this-oh-god tone. That's when I started to notice signs of burn out; his content's quality started to suffer, he started to look like more a greasy mess after that, he didn't have the same energy in videos following that.

Now he'll use it as a "you guys, I'm so fucking shitty at my job" joke. Good ol' Ian and his unhealthy dependence on self deprecation. Can't keep her views straight. I feel like the "Get over harmless locker room talk, you uptight females" was just pandering to her Twitch, neckbeard fans and now these "Don't objectify me, bro" tweets are her trying to pander to a female audience. She's a shameless social chameleon. She's so tactless. How did I forget about that?

Simply saying you find somebody hot and would bang them is nothing in comparison. I really do suspect she's just salty that nobody's saying they want to fuck her. Do I need to mail the shit to them? Seriously what is wrong with her? I'm not even a prude, this is just downright obnoxious and out of place.

She is trying so very hard to prove that she's just like everybody else. Except normal people don't broadcast their dirty inside jokes to the internet. That's only going to be funny between Ian and her, so like, what's the point? I'm starting to wonder if Anisa is his beard. If so, you're trying too hard girl. Reel it back in. Reel it back! Anisa rambles, tries to be funny, fails.

Ian is in the chat, calls in, then proceeds to tell a story about getting hot sauce on his dick, causing it to swell and burn for days. He had to dunk his cock and balls into a bowl of milk multiple times to ease the pain. He also admits that he couldn't be fucking bothered to change his filthy, hot sauce soaked sheets even though he kept rolling into the hot sauce as he slept, causing more pain and suffering for his junk.

Such romance. Such a catch.

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That sounds like something straight out of a fanfiction. What the fuck, Ian? Well that makes A LOT more sense. If this bitch put on a fitted bra, a button-up shirt an a pencil skirt then maybe she'd look her own fucking age, even high waisted jeans to slim her fridge waist and to tuck in a nice blouse or some shit wtfff. I dunno, growing up, my group of friends always used "Bee tee dubs" as a slang version of "BTW". I never bought into that "Kovic" or "Carter" rumor. Again, not trying to be a smug ass about it all, I was just genuinely surprised to learn that "dubs" isn't as common of a replacement for "W" as I thought.

Anything that helps emphasize her waist or hips, like a flowy, belted camisole or an a-line dress with a cinched waist. When you have a shapeless body, you have to be pretty tall and slim to pull off wearing potato sack dresses or tight fitting clothes that emphasize the straight lines of your shape. She's got the right idea when it comes to bras that give her boobs some oomph, I just wish she wouldn't go out of her way to lie and insist her breasts are just soooooo big, you guise, oh noes. I think this is a nice, simple dress that'd work better with her frame.

Whenever dudes call women "females", it's like "Wow, you talk about women as though we're an alien species…". Whenever dudes call women "females", it's like "Wow, you talk about women as though we're an alien species…" YEP. Female is a clinical term imo and should mostly just be used as an adjective if you are describing a human. Because just say women, or even girls, ffs. I've heard the "btw" thing and "dubya" for George W but I dunno. I also didn't know his last name for a while, but it's pretty funny he wasn't public about it, yet branded himself with it… Somehow this knowledge lowers my view of him even more.

Just by a bit. The name was already dumb sounding to me, and now I know its meaning is also dumb. He seems to be the only massive non-narcissistic YouTuber. He has self-awareness and was saying that REAL jokes require a point, a punchline, a message, overall thought. Comedians don't just stand up and say any funny thing that goes through their head. Perhaps part of what pissed so many people off was that he was acknowledging the vast majority of YouTube creators are not comedians.

No matter how much they use buzzwords like shtick and bit. For a person to have any fashion sense at all, they need a personality. She has no personality.

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She's a watered down version of whatever dick's she's currently sucking wrapped in self-consciousness and doubt that can only be mollified by male attention. That's why she wears basic, no style, bad for her figure, padded bra revealing clothes. Still, his video addressing PDP's idiocy was the first time I heard anybody speak some sense regarding the whole thing. He addresses how it wasn't really funny, that it was just to shock and if you're aiming to shock, how can you be flabbergasted when you, the biggest YT'er who's semi-regularly covered in the news, get backlash for a tasteless joke.

It really irritates the shit out of me that he was browbeaten by the YT hivemind into retracting his statement. You hit that nail right on the head, anon. Dead on. She thinks in the past and present, and does not consider the future or consequences of her actions such as her incessant lying. Like her novel of having boobs too huge to function, she probably thought "I'm saying it so they will believe me.

She completely lacks the capacity to think several steps ahead at that. She will never be part of the YouTube "in" crowd. If she was, she'd be more than a literal laugh on Ian's channel. But there is so much more than makes her unappealing too of course eye acid, talentless, dumb as hell, obnoxious voice, did I mention talentless? Anisa why u so pressed. He shuts up during cutscenes and dialogs and doesn't scream for once.

Which is what many LPers have a trouble with. Oxenfree or Tales from the Borderlands were cool. Aside from those story-based games yeah, his content targeted towards young audience and is very hard to watch once you are over To be honest, I understand why people are upset that he made the video - yeah, maybe he should just tell PDP in private and choose better words in the vid the "moronic" part, etc. I agree with almost everything he said in the video though and that's pretty cool but they still are friends and maybe he should just scold him on Skype or something.

He chose to be honest with his audience instead I guess. He pretty much miscalculated it all and I don't think he meant to make Felix feel or look bad. JSE always goes on about how he understands other people, how good judgement of people he has and usually people who feel the need to say that are not actually all that good in judging other people. On the other hand, Felix is a shitty friend for not saying a word about it like "Jack apologized, we're cool" or "I didn't get offended, calm down" or even a negative reaction, anything would be better than just ignoring it and making fanboys go apeshit.

He always says about himself that he thinks his jokes are not good and he often says "what a quality commentary" after a really stupid joke when playing with other people. His jokes are pretty bad and won't really make me laugh but he does seem to be pretty self-aware and still kinda humble. Offtopic but do you know Killian Experience? He does these "Garbage guides" of games and other stuff. He clearly puts a lot of time into his jokes like his Hacking of Overwatch and his timing is usually great.

That's what I could call a "comedy channel", not burping on a camera and spouting memes. One hundred dollars for tacky, shit quality headphones. She's a basic bitch PINK shirt leftover from 11th grade. Oh, sigh who's trying to figure out, through trial and error, what's considered "alternative" and, thus, attractive to her fawning fanboys. Being openly sexual, right?? Cat headphones, right?? That's what cool dorky girls do, right??

Please tell me I'm getting this?? Is that were her titty streaming money went? Holy shit, was she making money like that and throwing it away on tacky bullshit? It's not even a necessary investment for streaming. No wonder she was living with her parents until moving in with Ian.

I remember Ian bitching about people begging for money on Kickstarter so they could buy shit like laptops or camera equipment, telling them he made do with a garbage quality camera, worked and then bought a good one when he saved enough money. Yeah, actually he went on a long tirade about how people need to be responsibles adults who learn how to save their earnings instead of throwing it away on stupid toys…and yet he's dating a girl who is exactly the kind of person he'd have made fun of.

Her previous "career" was e-begging instead of working a normal job and then spending that money on stupid shit. He's dating a chick who embodies so many things he's mocked in the past. Dude, Ian, what are you doing? Her friend had more rights over the headphones in the end and the artist who only drew the concept is salty as hell. She's struggling to match Ian in his cool edginess without copying him outright and instead she's just all over the place because she's just Suzy-tier in creativity. If she wasn't "hot" read: not fat and able to wear a push up bra the Internet would've eaten her alive a long time ago.

I hope the link works. You can tell she thinks it's cute, but, goddamn, we just got a frightening look into what Anisa thinks is normal and adorable in a relationship. Ian, you poor fuck. I'm certainly not a teen, but I like him from time to time. He has gotten on my nerves with seeming like he's trying really hard to come off as a good person in the past, but I do remind myself of his audience and it seems that he keeps them in mind for a lot of reasons including a sense of responsibility.

Hence why he might have partly disagreed with Felix and thought what he did was stupid. To his defense on THIS topic though. Also agree that he isn't that great a judge of a person. Probably didn't expect PDP to leave him to get mauled by the masses. I don't know that person anon, but I'll check them out. The subject makes me think of FunHaus though. Kinda OT, but I like them enough, yet they do the "we're comedians thing" too.

IMO, they're like halfway. They definitely do improv humor, but a lot of the time they come off like they think too highly of themselves as if the entire channel are characters a la Filthy Frank when they're just mocking things and playing up audience perceptions of them.

But, idk, can they be considered comedians? Hopefully, most of them meant the video itself. But for a grown woman to admit this is ultra pathetic. That's not cute. That's, um, something you probably wouldn't want to admit. I'm sure if anyone were actually critical of her she would just say it's a joke…but…I doubt it. Irony or self-sabatoge? Most people are familiar with Riki-tiki Tavi. It's…it's creepy. For some reason people draw her. And that video's comments are gross. People like that are pretty guaranteed teens who are single imo or never had a long relationship.

I have to wonder if she only posted that to get a rise out of us and maybe some asspats from her fangirls notice she's not getting any guy saying shit like "I wish I had a girl like that" - and guaranteed it'd be a neckbeard if she did. Maybe I'm giving her too much benefit of the doubt though. It's hard when she incessantly only proves us right. And what does that gain her? She isn't even trolling us tbh she's shown enough to show she'd be an annoying af gf and it's not like any of us are trying to date her. Ian could do better, and that's a really sad thing to say considering how he looks and acts.

There is one guy, a grown ass dude, who didn't end up in the screencap who said "We all know Ian loves it. She's definitely that annoying girlfriend and I agree, despite Ian being…well, Ian, I feel like he'd be better off with some cute, quiet, smart, nerdy girl who has her own shit going on, like, her own opinions, hobbies and job. Somebody finally did something about her nose in a drawing, even though that nose is pretty wonky I'm not trying to hate on an innocent strangers art skills, sorry. I need to take this to photoshop and tweak it a bit to make it more Anisa-y. Maybe not lately.

SoCal Armenians pro tip: "-ian" vs. "-yan", by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review

Maybe he's always looked like that and I just realized now. But I feel like ever since Anisa he honestly looks deprived of life with an abundance of grease on his body. If you look that miserable only a couple months into a relationship when it's supposed to be the honeymoon phase lol good luck. Like…why did the artist give her the thinnest, most oval face ever? That is unacceptable. That will not stand. So, yeah, more accurate Anisa, "derps" included for obvious reasons. Also the difference in the two variations made me realize her pear face is pretty much the entire reason I hate her hair so much.

It poorly frames her face by accentuating the pear. I'm pretty sure I saw pics of her with her hair back during her streaming days, and her face looked much better, regardless of how much make up she may have been wearing in comparison. She really has no idea how to flatter her appearance. As for the original artwork… Sigh, that nose. I've done art all my life pretty much so I've had friends who draw, and… people get these styles which evolve over time and eventually become ridiculous.

I did too In the moment, they don't realize how it sticks out like a sore thumb by not resembling anything other than "I draw this thing this way, screw my style and screw reality. Some anatomical issues but not a huge deal It's just that for some reason the artist decided to give her essentially two and a half noses. People can definitely be in their 20s and still have a warped sense of what's "goals" or "cute" and have a lack of meaningful relationship experience.

Anisa seems to try so hard to separate herself from her previous identity, but her past will keep coming back to bite her in her nonexistent ass. Screw her honestly for pretending to be remotely genuine when she took down a video where she actually spoke on how much effort she put into getting ready to boob stream and why she wasn't going to do that anymore, and then going back on her word completely.

She is so gross as a person. Because that nickname is pretty apt. I'd respect her if she was like Zoie Burgher and actually owned what she did. Sometimes she'd own it, but it didn't feel genuine. She'd joke about being a titty streamer and her tits, say she was comfortable with her sexuality, but then would be outraged if anybody commented on the fact she made money pushing her cleavage in the camera and bending over for the viewers. Then she'd own it again in a "feminism, yeah! Which is it, Anisa? You can tell she doesn't really know where she stands on anything. She slut shames people, but was one step down from being a cam girl.

Hell, she mocked the way Tana dressed in public, but then had numerous pictures of herself posing in panties and such on her Instagram. She claims people shouldn't openly discuss who they want to fuck because it's vulgar, but has repeatedly done some TMI shit when it comes to her and Ian's sex life.

She's a hypocrite because she doesn't have any real views and opinions, she flip flips based on what she thinks the person, in that moment, wants to hear. I fucking hate it. Like, I can't stand her. I wish I'd never learned she existed. Damn, I'm surprised Anisa retweeted fanart of herself when they called her raihnbowtitz and said she was their favorite titty streamer.

Like when she made that bitchy comment about rounding the corner and seeing what Tana was wearing at the meet and greet? God, why does she have to be such a cunt. They're both saving everyone else from having to date their sloppy asses. She could actually be hot, but she chooses not to be. If she stopped dressing like a tumblr edition streetwalker and actually spent time on researching, and even trying on clothes in a dressing room, then maybe she'll learn something, like how to be presentable. Even something classy and simple like a nice pair of high waisted jeans with a loose shirt tucked in at the waist to give the illusion of bigger breasts and a smaller waist, or just go full casual, it looks good.

Not wearing that trashy tumblr shit she thinks looks decent. The whole time, I was like "Oh shit, oh no, is this creepy what I'm doing? Is this worth it? I don't even know…", so I'm glad you like it.

Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell [HD]

I lived with a couple for 6 months where the boyfriend would have a panic attack whenever the girl left to use the bathroom, go to the store, anything where she wasn't with him. He acted like one of those dogs with attachment anxiety, like, he truly thought if she left to go get a juice from the store, she might not ever come back even though her name was on the lease and all her shit was there.

We hid once on the fire escape and watched him scramble around the apartment through the window and he was freaking out , yelling "BABY!? This guy seriously perched himself on the sink, happily watching his girlfriend take a shit. I was convinced she'd tell him she'd need to visit her mom for a weekend and he'd lose his goddamned mind so badly that he'd end up in a shootout with the cops. Surprise, she dumped him. Hey, Anisa, take note. Insane clinginess is not fucking cute , it's creepy and insane. I posted both replies.. I hope that guy is ok now, geez..

Like, for real, she needs to make some friends of her own. She should even go out to a bar by herself or something. I think she's mirroring Ian's lifestyle because she tweeted something the other day about how she'd just woken up and it was 2 or 3pm. I think she kind of has to be on Ian's clock because…I mean, who is she if Ian's not there? I can so easily picture that when he's not with her, she just sits in a corner patiently.

She's doing that workout regimen again, but I think Insanity is one of those things you do at home while watching a video. I'm not hating on it, but she'd be better off getting a local gym membership. Meet different people, live a life. As for the fashion tips, that girl is hopeless. She's more basic than the most basic of bitches, even basic bitches take some pride in their appearances. She's just going to wear the same shit she wore in high school until she's too fat to fit into the clothes anymore. Then she'll just cut a hole in a garbage bag, wearing it like a poncho, cinch it at her waist hey, THAT, cinching would be flattering for her figure with some twine and shuffle around in a pair of Ian's old, beat to shit skater shoes.

Haute couture. Glad you liked both. He's…doing something. I lived with him in one city, moved, thought I'd never have to see him again, but then he moved to Brooklyn while I was living there and I ran into him a number of times. I'm sure he's fine. He seems like a cocky, arrogant fuck in social settings, but happens to be an insanely insecure mess when dating. He's probably working as a waiter or something in Williamsburg right now, dating some girl, worried she'll never return from when she goes to take a shower. Ugh, that guy.

I also hope he's not the type to act physically, that would be terrible. It just wouldn't mean much since she still wouldn't know how to dress her padded tits. That's quite a feat for someone of her intellect if I do say so. Sage for off topic. Why the fuck is that anon asking fashion advice for here? If that's not Anisa that's some Anisa-tier stupidity. It's called google. Makes me think, we should stop giving her advice here.

Even halfway advice in the form of criticism. I want to see this chick crash and burn daily not benefit from this because she doesn't deserve it. Spot on. You're just being hostile for no reason. Only real criticism I have is that you made her look chic af, Anisa could never pull off a garbage bag that well. A lot of stuff depends on your body shape, frame size, height, whatnot. There are some decent websites that help you figure out what shape you are heads up, most people aren't exactly like the standard shapes, they're more like a mix.

For instance, I'm an inverted triangle mixed with hourglass. It's good to know if you have a longer torso vs longer legs or if you're proportionate. Once you figure that stuff out, you'll have a good understanding of what your physical features are and you can search for outfit ideas on Pinterest based on that criteria. Pinterest also has a lot of infographics explaining which skirts work best with wide hips, what blouse works best with short torsos, etc. Make a board for "clothing ideas" and pin the stuff you like.

It'll be your fashion template and will help you when you go clothes shopping. Was that helpful? THE WORST , told him the girlfriend he was obsessed with would inevitably dump him because nobody could ever possibly love a man as pathetically insecure as him. He went to smash me in the face with a frying pan, stopped himself just in time and instead broke the stovetop. Then cried. Like a bitch. Fuck that guy. And they act like BFFs, but it's mostly feigned enthusiasm? They hope they can make a new friend out of the situation, but are mostly motivated by the fact they know it'd please their respective boyfriends and they'll have to spend time together, so might as well be buds?

I feel like that's what they're doing. Like when you excitedly make plans for brunch while drunk and then the next day realize how much you really don't want brunch with that person. This isn't a fashion advice forum. The only exception to that circle is Marzia. How do people watch her..

So it seems she isn't going to Starbucks all by herself. There's nothing even wrong with that. Why are you continuing to assert this. I tried skimming it, but I couldn't do it. She's seriously just talking about her workout routine and diet? Most of us already have a friend or two who does that and that's boring, too. What made her believe this video needed to exist? How fucking disconnected from reality is she that she thinks she can say it enough times and it becomes true? That nobody will call her out on it?

She spins it as though she went on a cute stroll with her boo when, in reality, dude was making her lug camera equipment. She's a production assistant who gives Ian blowjibbers. Congrats, Anisa, you're living the dream. Like, Anisa- there's nothing wrong with having small tits. Why do you feel the need to constantly make a point to pretend you have big tits? Don't be so insecure, lmfao. Really pathetic. Like holy shit is that the only semi-flattering pose she has? Why does she keep taking selfies like this not front-cam, bathroom mirror shit.

It's really not interesting at all and seems to just be a skin for various emojis essentially. No personality… hey, just like Anisa. I can't get past the voice. Longer answer: It's a character and the guy who plays it is actually pretty chill, conventionally attractive, and has some very smooth music. Though a lot of us also like the music he puts out under the Pink Guy name. But if you can't get past the voice, he's probably just not going to be your cup of tea.

And in the context of these threads, he's been determined to be by far the most mature and well-rounded person out of the Cancer Crew. I also like that he's only ever created original content, hasn't mooched off anyone else's shtick, or hopped on youtube trends. I'm totally burnt out on commentary channels that create or only talk about YT drama, so his channel is a welcome respite tbh. Check the last thread for other things that indicate Joji is an alright guy, at least compared to his other youtube peers. At first I was thrown off by the voice, but when I heard how the real Joji speaks, he's all right.

Quite endearing and seems gentle, way different from Franku. There's a fan compilation video of him breaking out of character; you can probably check that out and see for yourself. Plus since she lurks here hehe. They were allied and those guys knew what they wrote. Same with Japan who still have those SS cafes. Reads like people who are extremely ignorant of the impact such imagery has on western people. Do show me another such cafe in India or Japan as well as linking me to what must be an extensive amount of research and evidence that both countries are heavily pro-Hitler.

Can't wait to read this thesis. I also have fun watching him have fun. He doesn't need to rely on shit talking other Youtubers because the guy's imagination is fucking bountiful, I love it. He's created a whole universe with multiple characters, recurring villains and themes, backstories, etc. His rant videos are also entertaining. His more tasteless comments are more about parodying bigots than actually being offensive and he often hits the nail on the head when criticizing whatever the video's topic is, whether it be weeaboos, aspiring hip hop artists, Mac vs.

PC assholes or vegans. He shits on anybody , he doesn't have some kind of social message or agenda, he's just having fun ripping on people's more ridiculous habits and behavior. Plus, he's wittier than his peers, like you can see Ian struggling to think up something funny when he's not working with a script whereas Joji genuinely seems to be a clever, funny guy.

I tried to show him to one of my friends and they couldn't get through the whole video because his voice was driving them insane. When I first saw him, I thought he was some annoying nerd with an unfortunate voice, but in time I got used to it and I'd definitely say I'm a fan. He just seems like a good guy who's having a good time. He's more interested in making original content than indulging in petty YT drama and, for that, I commend him. Hopefully that's just them taking the first steps towards realizing the truth, that they just aren't ready to acknowledge the guy they're mooning over is just a lazy autist who's only capable of shitting out mediocre content and can't think up a new, decent format even if his life depended on it.

In due time, good anons, in due time. Even I wore more back in my streaming days! Her burden-tits? I know: Anisa is some kind of sorceress or alchemist and has discovered a magical formula to make her tits shrink and grow at will. I have read of this method in ancient tomes…a wonderbra. This is the first steps. I see the hints too, the cracks are starting to show. So I commented, "Anisa? She's quite a story" and so basically, I informed them of most of the stuff I've learned from here. Lol, these fans don't even KNOW the dirt we have on Anisa because everyone lacks critical thinking skills and researching someone.

However, I feel kinda proud I spread some of this info around, lolcow is the only place that seems to understand why she's shit. Sage for semi-blogposting i guess. I'm also seeing double posts, but I dunno if that's just on my end. The drive through Lowari tunnel was an amazing experience. It was cold, dark and noisy with V6s, Nissans and 1 FZs roaring. Man it was noisy like anything. The tunnel is indeed a marvel and cut short the travel time by almost 2 hours. We had then a brief stop near Warai for lunch and Alhamdollilah reached isloo safe and sound around 8 pm. Following members and their friends 25 in total with vehicles participated in the Summer Camp.

Ishtiaq, JK and Qayum in Pajero 3. Asad, Yasir and Arsalan in Pajero 3. Attached Thumbnails. Last edited by Rehaan : 21st September at Reason: Adding a bit of formatting spaces, bold, etc. The following 6 BHPians Thank aamir for this useful post:.

Ian Huntley's daughter Samantha Bryan reveals how show found out he was her father

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Good to know that you all got through Ok with no major damage to any vehicles. The following BHPian Thanks pganapathy for this useful post: aamir That looks like some rough terrain, and beautiful at the same time. All the vehicles look to be in stock condition, were they able to handle the terrain? Which vehicle performed better? The following BHPian Thanks mac for this useful post: aamir Aamir, thanks for sharing the pics. That's truly a beautiful place! One suggestion for such threads - could you also include a map of the route you took?

I sometimes refer to google maps as the source. The following BHPian Thanks condor for this useful post: aamir Thanks for the nice comments All vehicles performed well I will try to upload map from google.


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