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The Billionaire and the Pop Star. Chasing Rainbows. Love in Rewind. One Woman Three Men. Pouline Middleton. Off the Rails Novels Compilation. Not yet , he told his cock, but later for sure. Curtis sat back and watched Nicholas. Autumn twisted her head to watch him. Curtis fed you a grape, now you get a banana, some orange, and a strawberry. Then he used his nose to push a piece of orange up higher, grabbed it in his teeth, and held it out for her to take with her own teeth. While Nicholas played with the fruit on her arm, Curtis quietly got out the large knife.

When she was fully absorbed in what Nicholas was doing, he severed her panties with one cut then bent his head and licked her slit. But he wanted his scene. The drama and excitement and sheer unexpectedness of it were part of his plan for this evening. She tasted so much better than the food. She had a rich female scent, slightly earthy, possibly because of her panther genes, but also sweet and delicious. He slid his tongue inside her to get more of her taste.

You owe me a pair of Walmart cotton panties.

The Dom Collars His Sub [Unchained Love 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Or crotchless ones. He could see her now, sitting beside them in a short skirt and crotchless underwear. He and Nicholas could have their fingers inside her pussy at any time of the day or night and only the three of them would know it. Yes, definitely, he needed to buy half a dozen pairs of crotchless lingerie for her.

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But right now her scent was driving him crazy. He had to have her. He rested his nose against her mound and dragged her aroma deep into his lungs. He pushed his shoulders between her legs, lying flat on the bed, then held her pussy lips apart with both hands. Now he could swipe his tongue along her from side to side and from top to bottom and then insert it as far as it would go inside her. He no longer cared what games Nicholas was playing. Everything he wanted was right here against his lips. Curtis nibbled along the edges of her labia then sucked the lips into his mouth.

He gave one last deep, pulling suck on her clit then thrust his tongue in and out of her while his nose pressed on her clit and his fingers held her wide apart.

She fidgeted underneath him. He wanted her to come. He wanted to taste the flood of her honey on his tongue.

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Oh yes, he planned a lot of orgasms for his cute little panther tonight. He wanted her flat on her back and powerless so that the orgasms raced through her without her doing anything to either slow them down or to enhance them. He wanted her to understand they were his gift to her. He was the one orchestrating her pleasure tonight and she was going to be pleasured most thoroughly indeed.

He licked her clit. It was hotter than before, so he bit it gently before sucking on it again. Autumn screamed then rose up off the bed, thrusting her cunt into his face before sagging back down again, shaking, as his mouth filled with her honey. He licked all around her entry then lifted up onto his forearms to look at her. She was so beautiful lying there, her body smeared with sauce and fruit juices and sweat, her mouth open, her chest heaving with her release.

On the road outside the main gates of Carnal Connections were several groups of people. Some of them were the people from the basketball match where the rogue panther group had first tried to capture Ramona.


He noticed one man with long dirty-blond hair holding a very large knife against the leg of his jeans. Okay, so it was the rogue panthers, and they were planning to attack. Omar moved through the crowd of people from Carnal Connections. Omar used his bulk to push past people until he was behind her, then he grabbed her around the waist and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. A boot slammed into his shin, making him wince. Ramona twisted in his arms and her knee got him right in the balls.

All the breath left his lungs and he wanted to scream like a girl with the sudden pain. Get your hands off me, right now. Obediently, he let go. I was so worried about you. I was worried about you. Or his balls. Or maybe both Ramona and his balls. He had to think for a minute before he remembered her name. Lucy, one of the human members of the BDSM group. Next to her were Carey and Jubilee.

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They were humans, too, and part of the community here at Carnal Connections. The lights and camera indicated they were filming a scene for a movie. But the rogue panthers were definitely here. Was this whole thing a fake? Was it just a movie scene? Had there never been any danger at all? That stupid wolf, Tor, had gotten himself knifed at the basketball game, and Ramona had been abducted there. The blood was flowing to his cock and balls, and the pain was nasty. Then he smiled. Gods, she was wonderful. Strong, and beautiful, and brave.

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