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In , Marseille won its first Ligue 1 title in 18 years under the managing of former club captain Didier Deschamps. Marseille's average home gate for the —09 season was 52,, the highest in Ligue 1. La Provence is a French language daily newspaper published in Marseille, France. Retrieved 24 February Reporters without Borders. Hartmut Walravens 1 January International Newspaper Librarianship for the 21st Century. Walter de Gruyter. He has been Mayor of Marseille since For the observers and the French Socialists themselves, the Epinay Congress was the real founding act of the current PS.

It was also the turning point in Mitterrand's grand political plan, which led to the ascendancy of the French Left over the next quarter-century, and eventually, in , to Mitterrand's election to the Presidency of France for two consecutive 7-year terms. After the catastrophic results of the legislative election and of the presidential election, the secretary gen.

Allocution de Gaston Doumergue le 21 avril 1934 sur Radio-Paris

Former Juvenile Court judge Pierre Michel juge Jean Dujardin is transferred to an organized crime unit, but finds out that la French's crimes are difficult or impossible to prove and that the police unit investigating heroin trade under Capt. As Prime Minister, Mollet passed some significant domestic reforms and worked for European integration, proposing the Franco-British Union. He became unpopular in both the left and the right in the country for his international policy, especially during the Suez Crisis and the Algerian War. Early life He was born in Flers in Normandy, the son of a textile worker.

Released after seven months, he joined the French Resistance, where. French legislative elections took place on 4 and 11 March to elect the fifth National Assembly of the Fifth Republic. Nevertheless, the failure of his referendum caused his resignation. In order to respond to the discontent expressed during May , Jacques Chaban-Delmas, the left-wing Gaullist who led the cabinet, promoted a programme of reforms for the advent of a "New Society", which advocated social dialogue and political liberalisation. This worried the conservative part of the Presidential Majority and Pompidou himself.

Furthermore, Chaban-Delmas was accused, by the presidential circle, to want strengthen his powers to the detriment of Pompidou. In , Chaban-Delmas is replaced by Pierre Messmer, a. Its inhabitants are called Marsillarguois. The commune lies on a vast plain, quite marshy in the south part, which is called Petite Camargue.

From the feudal castle, only the basements, the large kitchens and the keep with its square tower remain. Protestant Temple A Temple was first built between and It was created during the Globe Congress in Paris as a merger between the French Socialist Party and the Socialist Party of France in order to create the French section of the Second International, designated as the party of the workers' movement.

The SFIO opposed itself to colonialism and to militarism, although it abandoned its anti-militarist views and supported the National Union government Union nationale facing Germany's declaration of war on France in World War I. Having replaced internationalist class struggle with patriotism like the whole S.

Elegant variation is the unnecessary and sometimes misleading use of synonyms to denote a single thing. It often comes from the belief that simple parallel structure is monotonous or harms euphony or compositional tone. Elegant variation can produce problems including loss of clarity, muddled metaphor, and inadvertent humor. Henry Watson Fowler — coined the name elegant variation for this phenomenon. The term may be seen in journalism if word variation, such as the replacement of the word "fire" with "blaze" or "conflagration", draws attention to itself. It is considered particularly problematic in legal writing, scientific writing, and other technical writing, where the avoidance of ambiguity is essential.

Members of the Constituent Assembly of France (...

Garner in Garner's Modern American Usage proposes inelegant variation as a more appropriate name for the phenomenon, and asserts that, in coining the term elegant variation, Fowler was usin. The list is currently organized by category. It is not a complete list and it includes both living and deceased people.


Where known, the year s they attended are denoted in brackets. Municipal elections were held in France on 6 and 13 March The left-wing coalition of the Socialists and Communists, in power for only two years, was defeated in the local elections by the RPR-UDF right-wing opposition. Voter disillusionment with Pierre Mauroy government's tournant de la rigueur "austerity turn" played a key role in the defeat.

Retrieved 22 March As First Secretary of the Socialist Party, he was the first left-wing politician to assume the presidency under the Fifth Republic. Reflecting family influences, Mitterrand started political life on the Catholic nationalist right. He served under the Vichy Regime during its earlier years. Subsequently he joined the Resistance, moved to the left, and held ministerial office several times under the Fourth Republic. He opposed de Gaulle's establishment of the Fifth Republic. Although at times a politically isolated figure, Mitterrand outmanoeuvered rivals to become the left's standard bearer at every presidential election from —88; with the exception of Mitterrand was elected President at the presidential election.

He was re-elected in and remained in office until Municipal elections were held in France on 11 and 18 June , more or less than one month after Jacques Chirac's election. It was the first time the far-right led an executive alone. The Socialist Gaston Defferre proposed the creation of a "Great Federation" gathering the center-left and the center-right parties in order to resist to the Gaullist domination over the country and to. He disappeared in Yona Efrat. The Commission was to make recommendations on Israeli involvement in the massacre through an investigation of: [A]ll the facts and factors connected with the atrocity carried out by a unit of the Lebanese Forces against the civilian population in the Shatilla and Sabra camps.

Following a four-month investigation, on 8 February , the Kahan Commission submitted its report, which was released to the public by spokesman Bezalel Gordon simultaneously in Hebrew and English. It concluded that "direct responsibility" rested with the Gem. Duels in this form were chiefly practiced in early modern Europe with precedents in the medieval code of chivalry, and continued into the modern period 19th to early 20th centuries especially among military officers.

During the 17th and 18th centuries and earlier , duels were mostly fought with swords the rapier, and later the small sword , but beginning in the late 18th century in England, duels were more commonly fought using pistols. Fencing and pistol duels continued to co-exist throughout the 19th century. The duel was based on a code of honor.

Duels were fought not so much to kill the opponent as to gain "satisfaction", that is, to restore one's honor by demonstrating a willingness to risk one's life for it, and as such the tradition of dueling was o. History During the later decades of the Third Republic, the majority of French voters and deputies belonged to the spectrum of numerous small liberal and republican parties of the centre-left and centre-righ.

The Socialist Party French: Parti socialiste , PS is a social-democratic[9] political party in France and was, for decades, the largest party of the French centre-left. On his visit to Canada in , he seemed actively to encourage French Canadian separatism. His declarations of neutrality in the Arab-Israeli war seemed to show a pro-Arab bias.

Members of the Constituent Assembly of France ( | Revolvy

This left Pompidou free to present himself as a credible and acceptable successor to de Gaulle. There he died of a heart attack the following year. His aims and actions as president have drawn more exegesis and speculation than those of any other French statesman. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.

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Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Written By: Dorothy M. See Article History. Education and early career De Gaulle was the second son of a Roman Catholic, patriotic, and nationalist upper-middle-class family.

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