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America Under Attack: An Alternative History of World War Two [Jeff Kildow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What if World War II Germany .
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Get some help. And you are dead wrong…Stalin and his soviets murdered millions even before WWII started…and they did it for things as small as having an education or having a nice house. Read a book sometime, if you are able. Murder was the very essence of Nazi Germany. Look at what happened to Native American. It makes the Holocaust look like insonmia Native Americans probably are gonna be messed up for another century. Look at African-Americans. Slavery ended years ago and we are still messed up from it. In my opinion, worse, albeit on a smaller scale and time; look at what some Japanese did to China around World War II time.

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A psychopath would be disturbed by it They get kids and used them to practice shooting and stabbing. They kill people for entertainment… They were just doing evil to a degree that questions their humanity. Nazi:Bad:killing millions for no reason and enslavement and religionist Good:saving the Islamic nations from enslavement of allies and making the Islamic nations. Slavery had been illegal in Britain for well-over a hundred years, before then.

Slavery had been banned definitively in the UK since It was still permitted in the overseas territories until later, but not Britain itself. Germany fight against Britain loosened is colonial hold on Africa. That was a positive development for Africa which hastened the independence of many African nations. That is one way to look at it.

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America under Attack: An Alternative History of World War Two

The only way is that after the British and other European abandoned Africa, there were numerous civil wars and messed up economies. They did not plan a smooth transition, they went from different tribes piled together under countries, to independent countries with the largest tribe dominating. Are you stupid or something?

Germany liquidated and shot like over 6 million jews! The Russians took revenge on how the Nazis did there people, when the Germans first invaded Russia. Stop being stupid! Funny you say that — Its somewhat you who are being stuped, not knowing history and shit. Like US starved a mil germans to death!

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With help of the british,and the only reason the british did not use gass on the german civilians was becourse the germans had done the same the other way.. Thats right nigga its time to criticize you get rekt in this world every country is murderer. You never hear Americans call these colonist evil nor give compensation to the degree Jewish people got from post-Nazi Germany. Because the colonist won the war and wrote the history that is in your head. Try again apologist. Europe was conducting pogroms against the Jews long before the New World was discovered.

Uh no…they based it on how the Turks dealt with the Armenians and Greeks. Read you history. I dont have proof but these books are thousands of years old and the number of these books is unimaginable….. The whole thing is the secret Vatican library with more info on people in history than we will ever know. The fact that U. They are the ones that committed the worst crimes during the war. Hiroshima and Nagasaki anyone??? Actually the atomic bombs that ended World War II in the Pacific probably saved more lives than they took. If the US had had to invade Japan, it would have been a blood bath.

Far more Japanese are alive today because of the atomic bombs dropping and ending the war than would have been had the bombs not been dropped. I was about to say that. The Japs thought that surrounding would kill their emperor either through suicide or death penalty. Also btw what did the Russians do to end the war with Japan? Sorry for grammar!

LOL the worst crimes committed during the war was what Japan did to China. Nanjing anyone??? Capricorn, you are a moron. Try actually thinking sometime. The fanatical Japs made it clear that they were not going to surrender without an invasion.


It was estimated that an invasion would have cost the Allies a quarter million deaths, and over a million Japanese dead. Look at the death tolls of Japanese from relatively most invasions like Iwo or Saipan. Try reading a book about the war sometime before spewing Eurotrash propaganda. You must be a kid. War is evil and you must be evil to win.

It is the guy that won the war. He is the one that writes history and will naturally make himself look good and the loser bad. If Hitler won, we would say he has virtue and Allied were evil. Since he lost we say Hitler is evil and Allied are good people. It is life. The Nazis were…that alone makes them the bad guys. Germany was trying to invade them. And your argument might be that people decide whether or not someone is evil by their own opinion.

If you see a child being starved to near death would you believe that the parents are evil? Yes you would because they had a responsibility to feed them and they intentionally tortured a little child by not giving them food. Nazis and Japanese could have world war 2 main mistake made by Japs is attack on pearl harbour which made to fight with united states the mistake made by Nazis is they created two way he should have completed invasion against the Britain he should not have been canceled the invasion.

This way you have the oil and you can avoid the winter which also led to the Nazi defeat. But to answer the question; Yes Germany absolutely could have won. Tell Japan to not invade America until Europe is dominated first 2. Save the Final Solution until after the war 3. Defeat Russia with Japan 7. Bomb Japan into submission 8. Nice list. Japan does not bomb Pearl Harbor. Skip the Final Solution entirely. The British Empire is on the ropes at this time.

Churchill will fail a vote of no confidence in Parliament. Britain capitulates under the new Labour leadership.

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Britain is nothing without the Empire. Leave the U. There is no U. Defeat Russia with Japan! At least discourage Japan from signing a non-aggression pact with Russia. The stupidest thing the Axis allowed was to have Japan bring the U. No coordination! Why bomb Japan? Is half of the world under German domination not enough? Easier said then done. It was hard then to bomb America, given its distance from Europe. Japan was fortunate and never really keyword got a good second chance to bomb it.

Plus, America has a lot of natural resources and mind-power. America was probably the second strongest country next to Germany able to take on the rest of the planet. Germany and its new allies would have a tough fight. Russia and other country would be hesitant to join Germany bent on world domination. Leaders want more power and not less- and certainly not to Hitler. On top, America would of had played on that and it did. A reason why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor is because America was aiding its enemies. Japan attacked the U. A because we embargoed the hell out of them.

They had no oil and no food. This attack worked because of sheer luck. The radars towers did pick them up, but they thought they were allied transport planes and the times matched up the real transport planes came during the attack and were shot by friendly fire. The ships were being cleaned out and had maintenance — all the windows, hatches and doors were all left open so they all sunk easier than normal when attacked. Moreover, the resource and manpower question, together with diminishing returns as regards mobilization and the incredible size disparity, makes it harder still.

No Operation Sea Lion success. This one sticks though.

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Berlin steps up efforts to consolidate integration of continental Europe particularly central Europe, always at the core of long term planning — Schacht plan, etc — utilizing the enormous human capital resources and economic complementarities. It gains from this enforced period of stability in a medium term — year Cold War context, see Erfurt and the post-war German boom for further evidence as to feasibility to develop the economic and technological resources along with enormous manpower which can ultimately bring down the USSR, with the tacit acquiescence of the USA which had defeated Japan and ending in a Brezhnev style stagnation or nuclear war.

The challenger to liberal democracy was always going to be Fascism or Communism, no one knew which one though — it was a close run thing. Hitler could have won if he: 1 United the Islamic nations into the Islamic empire again as quick as possible instead of making the kingdoms,sultanates,and republics after he freed them and giving them to Turkey Ottomans so they can rebuild the empire and get the once 2nd largest empire to his side 2 He could have invaded his enemies separately other than attacking everyone in the same time 3 He could have helped his new lands Poland,France,Scandinavia,etc.

The for reading!!!!!!!! YouTube:ahmed real there are two accounts Wanna share this share it with the username ahmed real The again. Hitler could have won the war with better public relations. Yeah, he needed Spartans whose shields can stop bullets, tanks and nuclear bombs. Greece was probably what he admired, but it was irrelevant to world conquest. Not really. It is hard to get conquered people to join you takes a long time and some brainwashing. When Britain was about to seize Jamaica from Spain, Spain asked the Natives to join the fight and promised them benefits.

The Natives ran into the caves at the first chance they got and left the Spaniards alone to taste English lead and swords. It is hard to conquered a piece of land and then rest and try to conquered more. If you do that, the potentially-conquerable people would wise-up and get better prepared. Plus, it was not of much value during the war hard to defend given its isolation. Arabic nations were immaterial during World War II.

They were dirt poor pun intended and had no resources oil boom came later. German military was stretched thin. It could not really added more defense or things like that. It tried to do too much and own too much. Well Germany did cut-off Britain from the empire? Black-outs were imposed because of bombing raids.

Hitler believed Britain could be persuaded and could be made an ally, but he got that all wrong. In fact, he has pictures of some of the atrocities committed that were taken by his regimental photographer with him in the photos, so tell me how that could be faked in the s?? WW2 is one of the only wars in history where you can clearly point to a good side and an evil side. The bombing of Dresden and nuking of Japan were both necessary actions, the point was to send a clear message that the actions of Germany and Japan would not be tolerated ever again.

Looking at Japan now, it appears to have worked. Furthermore the bombing of Dresden was done deliberately in the line of Soviet advance to send them the same message. Whether technically war crimes or not, they were necessary and done for a reason, not on a whim or out of spite, and not comparable to genocide.

Bombing specific railway lines was extremely difficult in WW2 and would not have stopped the holocaust in any meaningful way. If you truly believe that the Allies and Germans were comparably wicked I have to ask, have you ever actually studied any of this, or are you just reciting BS pro-nazi propaganda? Losses under the British empire, a lot. Wantet to give a full answar — yes I know very well what the nazies did.. Typical neo-Nazi bullshit. Your side lost-and all decent people including most present day Germans-think that was a good thing. Hitler could have won?

Would he have united Europe and the US against Communism and listeded to his Generals, he would have won the war! People really over-estimate the effectiveness of the U-boats, sure they were extremely powerful at the start of the war and took a heavy toll on supply lines, but by the middle and end of the war they were little more than death traps because we learned how to deal with them, and they were made even more obsolete after we cracked enigma. This biggest butchers perhaps of all times? China and the United States.

The U. Be careful when you judge preborn children to be not human. You think they really would have a pretty good shot at winning, right? Now go shake your fist at your pictures of Emmanuel Goldstein… or Hitler or whoever. Salute your pictures of Roosevelt… or Stalin or whoever. With help from a beautiful school teacher, he must prevent a diabolical attack on America's secret atomic labs at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He retired after a long career as an aerospace engineer. He has had a life-long interest in World War II and has amassed a large library on the subject.

He loves vintage warbirds and old cars. Hitler's failure to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him has been a subject that Jeff has been fascinated with for years. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. The Race is left in control of roughly half the planet, primarily colonial possessions in the southern hemisphere: Africa , South and Central America , Australia , and most of Asia aside from the Soviet Union and a few Japanese coastal holdings.

The second series of novels, set in the s, deals with the interaction between surviving humans and the Race. It opens with the arrival of the colonization fleet. The series ends with the defeat of Nazi Germany and the establishment of a permanently manned U. The Germans lose the war, and are forced to allow France to become an independent nation again under a new Fourth Republic. Nonetheless, it was a costly victory for the Race: fighting Germany on its own after 20 years of human technological advancement proved to be much more difficult than fighting all free human nations two decades before.

It is left obvious to both sides that long term trends are in humanity's favor. Numerous historical characters also appear, some for brief cameos ; others have significant parts in the plot:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with World Wars. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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