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Promises made in the dark dissolve by light of day. Easy answers. Ain't no saying what will be, it's always been that way. Only thing I know for.
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Keith Godchaux Keith Godchaux. It reminds me of Corrina which I hate much less , Way to Go Home , Wave to the Wind and a the rest of the other s "new" Dead tunes that fell really short. I remember reading a review of the Grateful Dead experience that specifically pointed out the digust of the Deadheads when after 5 minutes of the Gyuto Monks onstage at Shoreline when Bobby pulled this tune out it was a real disappointment because apparently there was magic in the air that was squandered on this song.

You can hear that entire show here and a great setlist that show is, I will check it out in full later.

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Rob Wasserman is also credited as a composer on this song and it was originally recorded with the help of Neil Young who helped write it too , on this page I found Wasserman's recollection:. I hate to rain on Wasserman's parade but I am not so sure I buy this.


Why would old Neil be washing dishes if he loved the song so much In my research for this blog entry I did come across the website headyversion. I think I'll pass on this.

Mike's Grateful Dead Blog: Easy Answers - Grateful Dead Song Review

Disclaimer : This is part of my blog that reviews all things Grateful Dead for fun. Michael Alvarez and John Brehm develop a new theory of response variability that, by reconciling the strengths and weaknesses of the standard approaches, will help pollsters and scholars alike better resolve such perennial problems.

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Working within the context of U. Alvarez and Brehm argue that respondents deploy what they know about politics often little to think in terms of what they value and believe. Working with sophisticated statistical models, they offer a unique analysis of not just what a respondent is likely to choose, but also how variable those choices would be under differing circumstances.

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American public opinion can be characterized in one of three forms of variability, conclude the authors: ambivalence, equivocation, and uncertainty. Respondents are sometimes ambivalent, as in attitudes toward abortion or euthanasia. They are often equivocal, as in views about the scope of government.

But most often, they are uncertain, sure of what they value, but unsure how to use those values in political choices.