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We rank the 25 Best Places to Visit in Europe. See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favorites.
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Guess what? These hotels in Dubrovnik will blow your mind with its crazy affordable rates! With its colorful Old Town, turreted buildings and covered bridges, Lucerne feels likes a page from a Swiss storybook. Then, enjoy a delightful and healthy serving of home-brewed beer at Rathaus Brauerei. Bag the best hotel deal for your wondrous Lucerne vacation! Enjoy amazing hotel bargains for your Germany escape!

During summer, the city has a seemingly endless daytime with over 20 hours of sunshine, meaning there are tons of time for exploration.

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Besides its mind-blowing adventures and mesmerizing natural wonders, the city also offers a legendary nightlife scene, geothermal waters and a thriving arts community. Grab the best deals to some of the finest and most beloved hotels in Reykjavik! Affordable hotels and friendly locals keep bringing visitors back, and Amsterdam makes for one of the best places to visit in Europe on summer. Score supremely affordable hotels in Amsterdam with these suggestions! The electric atmosphere of Barcelona, Spain makes it a perennial favorite on annual lists of the best places to visit in Europe.

2. Establish a budget.

Nestled on the Mediterranean, there are countless of exciting things to do in Barcelona, including partying until the sun rises, browsing La Boqueria market, sampling tapas, hanging on the beach, and visiting La Sagrada Familia. Get the most affordable deals for your accommodations in Barcelona! Etched deeply in European history and culture, Riga is synonymous with historic architecture, elegance and classical music.

Score amazing and affordable hotel deals in Riga with these superb options! Venice , known as one of the most beautiful and romantic places to visit in Europe, is famous for offering amorous experiences for couples, like gondola rides down the Grand Canal. With a multitude of noble eateries, historic sites, churches and theaters, Venice will definitely enchant all kinds of travelers. Get the best deals to the most Instagram-worthy and dazzling hotels in Venice. Saint Petersburg is the cultural heart of Russia.

Afterwards, explore the city, hitting cultural destinations, fine dining spots, vibrant bars and art museums.

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Get the best hotel deals in Saint Petersburg with ease! Charming, historic and beautiful, Florence will totally steal your heart. Offering an authentic taste of Italy, Florence will put you on state of pure bliss with its mouthwatering cuisine, stunning architecture, quaint hotels and world renowned museums. Score amazingly affordable accommodations in Florence with these terrific suggestions! Undeniably beautiful, exciting and hip, Stockholm should be high on your list of places to visit in Europe.

Explorers can take an excursion to some of the thousands of islands making up the skagard archipelago. Experience the trip of a lifetime in Stockholm without burning a whole lot of cash by booking a stay at any of these hotels! With its skyrocketing hotel prices, London is, sadly, a city that can make budget-conscious travelers and backpackers cringe. Often voted as one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, London is loaded with sights that will fill your travel bucket list, including the Tower of London, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and London Eye.

Looking for ways to save money for your London trip? Why not check out these amazingly affordable hotel bargains? Crete — the birthplace of modern European civilization — is an absolute Mediterranean jewel. Rich with mythological and archaeological history, Crete offers a sweet taste of ancient Greece with its cultural attractions and ancient ruins, such as the monasteries and fortresses of Rethymonon as well as Minoan ruins.

You'd want to look a total stunner in this Mediterranean paradise. So, make it a point to bring a dazzling swimsuit. Check out this shop for amazing deals for bikinis and swimwear. Think you need to a fortune to enjoy a luxurious vacation? These Crete hotels will give you a fabulous vacation for a rather affordable price!

Home to the iconic music of Strauss, Beethoven and Mozart, the Austrian capital flaunts symbolic architecture of dramatic domes, flamboyant figureheads and carved cherubs. Romantic and alluring, Vienna is one of the quintessential places to visit in Europe with culture, music and arts that overflow into its classy Parisian-style boulevards. Get the best rates for the top and most gorgeous hotels in Vienna!

From its charged political history to its architecture and fashion, Berlin is among the edgiest places to visit in Europe. Explore a plethora of remarkably affordable hotels in Berlin! Engineered for budget travelers, these affordable hotels in Paris will give you a vacation for the ages! Why not pay a visit to Krakow?

After all, the Krakow is a colorful treasure trove of historic architecture, and offers more historic monuments and buildings than any other Polish city. Enjoy the best cheap hotels in Krakow with these superb options! But, what you may not know is that the city is among the most family-friendly places to visit in Europe. Bag the best hotel deal for your wondrous Dublin vacation!

Looking for a remarkable yet affordable hotel in Edinburgh? Why not check out these lovely hotel deals? For some travelers, Madrid has all the hallmarks and makings of a terrific European vacation spot, including luxury hotels, world-class museums, vibrant nightlife and stunning architecture. To make things even better, the city has plenty of mouthwatering Spanish food. Get the best deals for the premier and most awesome hotels in Madrid! Seville may not the first place that comes into mind, when you think of top places to visit in Europe.

Nevertheless, this Spanish hub should be on your radar and Europe travel bucket list. Enjoy amazing hotel bargains for your Seville escape! A fabulous seaside town, Helsinki has loads to offer to its visitors, such as spas, saunas, Art Nouveau architecture, green spaces, parks, maritime history and irresistible coastal beauty. Named as one of the hottest start-up places to visit in Europe in , this city exudes a tech-friendly atmosphere as well, making it a perfect destination for millennial travelers. Grab the best deals to some of the finest and most beloved hotels in Helsinki!


On surface, Athens seems like a city hard-wired for architecture aficionados and history. But, surprisingly, this city can also be a great European vacation destination for the casual traveler. Score supremely affordable hotels in Athens with these suggestions! Bergen — the second largest city in Norway — is beloved for its colorful Bryggen quarter, gorgeous harbor and the seven mountains surrounding the town. Plus, the apple is a hotbed for culture, hosting one of the biggest events in Norway — the Bergen International Festival.

To top it all off, the city feels more vibrant than its capital, Oslo, since about 10 percent of its residents are students. Get the most affordable deals for your accommodations in Bergen! Want a taste of Tuscany without the seas of tourists? Siena is a supremely remarkable and lovely medieval city, with its fan-shaped, earth-hued central piazza, as well as elegant tower that overlooks the surrounding greet hills and the city.

Explore this Tuscan city and its charming neighborhoods on summertime, and experience the Palio di Siena horse races.

Experience a memorable trip to Siena without spending a fortune with these great hotel bargains. Offering a world of fun for travel junkies, this charming coastal haven in Portugal has long been a paradise for wine lovers, foodies as well as photography connoisseurs. Score amazing and affordable hotel deals in Porto with these superb options! The cheap accommodation. The creative vibe. The hearty German food. It you do your research, you can find plenty excellent Italian restaurants and world-class gelato without paying marked-up tourist prices.

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Furthermore, Florence makes an excellent base for exploring the breathtaking Tuscan countryside. The next secret is to actively research restaurants because Venice is notorious for tourist traps. Travelers looking for a bargain should head to Budapest. Thanks to its architecture, this beautiful city is often called the Paris of Eastern Europe.

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But is still has that gritty post-communism edge. Budapest is also renowned for its nightlife notably its ruin bars and beautiful thermal baths. Copenhagen has flown under the international radar but visitors are finally starting to fall in love with this laidback city. While Barcelona has a bit of a laidback beach vibe, Madrid has a more polished air about it. But this city knows how to party — it has one of the highest bars per capita in all of Europe.

Lisbon is one of the few bargain-friendly cities left in Western Europe so pay it a visit before the prices skyrocket. We especially love the number of quality yet affordable restaurants. And, of course, Milan is the place to go for fashion and shopping. Is there anything better than sitting in beer garden while enjoying a huge beer on a warm summer day?

Well, Munich is an excellent place to do just that. Dublin has enough to see and do for a few days free museums! There is a reason that Krakow is a popular weekend destination for European partygoers. Year after year Vienna is rated as the most livable city in the world — which also makes it a great place to spend a few days.

Ohh, and they have some of the best pastries in the world. Anchored by its stunning castle, Edinburgh is a compact but exciting city that has both a medieval Old Town and an elegant New Town. While modern Athens might be a bit gritty, the major reason to visit is to admire its 5th-century BC Acropolis. Luckily, Greece in general is a very affordable country except for its fancy islands so you can find plenty of cheap accommodations and food since the city is still recovering from the economic crisis of The Savvy Backpacker is reader-supported.

The best museums, sights, neighborhoods, city views, parks, and more. Choosing well-researched itinerary is essential for budget travelers.