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Upon reading The Christmas Santa Had No Beard, children and parents alike will finally discover just how Santa can lose his beard. They will.
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The tone of it was great.

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The kids were great. He did a really good job.

We had a great time working together, working in Toronto was a blast. You get to see him for a short period of time and it matters, for the emotional aspect of the movie comes at the end.

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Being able to experience that, it brought a lot of things full circle. A lot of people online right now are saying that you are the best thing to happen to Santa since Tim Allen scared him off the roof in the Santa Claus movies.

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Does that make you feel any pressure at all? And I wanted to take that opportunity and make the best of it. This was a real person.

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And for these two children in the movie — which is their story that year-old who very much believes and a year-old who no longer does — to be confronted with the real person standing in front of you, I thought, was fabulous and I wanted to be that real person. I was very concerned what I wanted — the hair, the wardrobe, the makeup, the beard. I wanted all of that to be authentic.

My Santa looks kind of lumberjack-like or has a Captain Morgan aspect to him. Is that your real beard in the movie?

No Fake Beards Allowed! Postcards From a Santa-Lookalike Pleasure Cruise

And I love that we get into that right off the bat. Fake news. All the grandkids can go to the theatre, all the kids can see it, all their friends. Do you have any favorite family memories growing up that include Santa Claus?

Love Narratively? So do we.

This movie for me is like a love letter to my dad. He was our Santa Claus.

We never knew if he was Santa Claus or if he was just really close to Santa Claus. Your email address will not be published. Let it Grow is a greeting card that grows edible sprouts. This Green Monster is a greeting card that grows edible sprouts. Should your home-grown monster have legs, tentacles or antennas?

The Story of Santa’s Beard (6"x 9") softcover

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Grow microgreens as Santa Claus beard. Santa comes with mustard sprouts and in A5 format. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Read more.