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Have you ever wondered how a vampire would act while searching for a job? What do you thing he would do to convince the job interviewers that he was the.
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If there is any opportunity to extract more screams and frights during this mingling period of performance the Baron Von Grindle always goes for the jugular. The highlight of the day was the very scary Baron Von Grindle. He was magnificent. The Baron is fangtastic for private dinner parties, functions or even infesting your office space. The Character was brilliant… Fantastic job.

I will never forget it. Emma Warren Pro Motions. The Baron hatching at your private dinner party or function. The ultimate in special dinner party guests:. First course finished; Some strange piece of theming hangs motionless. The guests have no idea what it is or what is inside as time passes it pulsates, swings and becomes reckless… Hatching to reveal your special guest.

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Postmortem Studios. The sifu is immediately framed for the murder by the intensely annoying, overacting, buffoonish police Captain Billy Lau. I'm not sure, but this guy has either got to be the producer or the producer's son.

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  4. Surely no one thinks he is even remotely funny. Luckily, he has a relatively small role in this film. Unhappily, he features in Mr. Vampire 2 in an even larger role. Ching-Ying tries to explain that Mr. Yam will also become a vampire, but his warnings go unheeded until it's too late naturally. In the meantime, Grandfather is still on the rampage, and manages to give a nasty bite to Man Chor while he was trying to protect Ting-Ting.

    It looks as though he may become a vampire as well. On top of everything else, a young ghost Pauline Wong has fallen for Chou.

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    He was kind to her at her grave, and she starts following him around. Women are prime candidates to become ghosts if they die at an early age, tragically, because they never belong to any family if they die before wedlock and therefore there would be no one to honor them or burn offerings to them in the afterlife. No one burns paper money for them, and therefore they cannot bribe the proper underworld bureaucrats, and must remain among the wandering shades in a sort of 'Limbo.

    What a way to go. Of course, Chou becomes hopelessly enchanted. It's up to Lam Ching-Ying to somehow defeat the vampires, cure Man Chor and Chou, defeat the ghost, and avoid getting shot by the arrogant, overbearing, idiotic police Captain. This movie is considered a classic, and it has every right to be.

    Sequels are almost never as good as the original, and I suppose you could consider every movie with a vampire or a priest in it to appear after this one as a sequel.

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    The formula would be repeated over and over again, sometimes with success, sometimes not. Lam Ching-Ying will revisit the Taoist Priest role regularly after this movie on through the rest of his life. I've heard he was somewhat unhappy by the typecasting, but it never showed in his work, at any rate. He took the role and truly defined it. His two assistants also became staples of this kind of film. Needless to say, the first two goofy sidekicks remain the best. Ricky Hui was a well known comedian at that time, having played in a decade of Mr.

    Boo films with his two brothers. He's kind of like the 'Shemp' of Hong Kong movies. His career also took a horror-comedy turn after this film, appearing in Haunted Cop Shop and Haunted Cop Shop 2 before returning to this series in the last of them, New Mr.