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Wounds and Wound Care First Aid and Healing Time. What Should I Know about Wounds and Wound Care? There are many types of wounds that can damage the skin including abrasions, lacerations, rupture injuries, punctures, and penetrating wounds.
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The skin around the wound becomes hot, inflamed, tender and red. If the infection worsens, the skin may become discolored and gangrene may develop. This infection causes sudden pain and swelling around the wound, moderate increase in temperature, decrease in blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

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Skin around the wound becomes pale, due to fluid that builds under it and a watery, foul-smelling, brownish-red fluid may be released. The tissue changes from pale to dusky to highly discolored as the infection worsens. Treatment consists of penicillin given intravenously.

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Surgical removal of infected tissue is essential, and removal of surrounding tissue is usually necessary. As with any wound, it is important to have a physician inspect the wound and help decide if sutures, antibiotics, tetanus therapy or other treatment is necessary.

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  • Allow the wound to bleed freely and clean itself out, unless there has been a large loss of blood or the blood is squirting out, in which case you need to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Cleanse the wound with soap and water or hydrogen peroxide as throughly as possible. You should also try to remove all particles or debris to prevent infection or scarring before applying a sterile dressing.

    Minor cuts, however, often heal more quickly if left uncovered.

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    Ask A Question. Chronic Life. Icon - Search. Open Wounds. Health Lost The amount of health the monster loses is scaled with the player's level.

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    • It scales fairly linearly, doing about damage over 8 seconds at level 50, and about damage over 8 seconds at level When triggered by a ranged attack, the bleed damage is divided by 2. When targeted on a player, the bleed damage is divided by 4. Health Regeneration While under the effects of Open wounds, a Monster's natural health regeneration is set to a negative value.

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      However, wounds that seem persistent will likely have some sort of complication related to the healing process. This can include:. If your wound is not healing at a steady rate, it could be infected or complicated by another health condition. Do not ignore the signs; visit a medical professional as soon as possible. Common over-the-counter wound care solutions may not always be capable of meeting your needs. If you have one or more open wounds that are not healing properly, you need to take control of your care and seek medical assistance from a trained professional.

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      Then, speak to your doctor about how to address your wounds with advanced wound care products. Please note: blog posts are rarely updated after the original post. Because the medical industry is ever changing; please make certain to reference the current product list as well as up-to-date industry information when considering product selection or treatment. Always consult a physician to discuss specific concerns or questions related to your health.

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      Some wounds get infected and require a wound swab, and there are different methodologies for taking the samples. Infected wounds that are hard to diagnose Burn wound care is important to avoid infection and help the healing process. A burn is an injury to the flesh caused by such things Collagen dressings can help boost the production of human collagen at the wound site. Collagen dressings may be new to some patients, but they have