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I as Ana Jean Faron has been called upon by an advanced civilization (the Autons) to help them defeat a madman named Deltron. Deltron has already killed .
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Womack wrote the study Afrofuturism: The World of Black Science Fiction and Fantasy, and William Hayashi has published all three volumes of his Darkside Trilogy which tells the story of what happens in America when the country discovers African Americans secretly living on the backside of the moon since before the arrival of Neil Armstrong, an extreme vision of segregation imposed by technologically advanced Blacks. Recently, she also created an audio narrative in collaboration with another Afrofuturist, Perpetual Rebel, called The Two Thousand and Thirteen Narrative s of Naima Brown, which explores the ideas of identity and transformation within the context of hair and African-American culture.

The movement has grown globally in the arts. Contemporary practice retroactively identifies and documents historical instances of Afrofuturist practice and integrates them into the canon. For example, the Dark Matter anthologies feature contemporary Black science fiction, but also include older works by W. Du Bois, Charles W. Chesnutt, and George S. Yaszek illustrates that Ellison draws upon Afrofuturist ideas that were not yet prevalent in African-American literature.

Yaszek believes that Ellison does not offer any other futures so that the next generation of authors can. Invisible Man may not be Afrofuturist in the sense that it does not provide a better — or even any — future for black people in the United States, but it can be thought of as a call for people to start thinking and creating art with an Afrofuturist mindset.

A number of contemporary Black science fiction and speculative fiction authors have also been characterized as Afrofuturist or as employing Afrofuturist themes. Afrofuturism Art Museum and gallery exhibitions In recent years, there have been many museum exhibitions displaying art with Afrofuturist themes.

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The Studio Museum in Harlem held a major exhibit exploring Afrofuturistic aesthetics from November 14, to March 9, The exhibit, called The Shadows Took Shape, displayed more than sixty works of art that looked at recurring themes such as identity in relation to technology, time, and space within African-American communities. From noon to six p. The multidisciplinary art exhibit looks at the relationship between magical realism and afrofuturism through the Black diaspora. The representation and treatment of black female bodies is deconstructed by Afrofuturist contemporaries and amplified to alien and gruesome dimensions by artists such as Wangechi Mutu and Shoshanna Weinberger.

The through-line is the empowerment of black women referencing both marital relationships and the historical trauma from the enslavement of African-Americans from ,[not in citation given] through Reconstruction and Jim Crow — The novel Kindred by Octavia Butler also explores the empowerment of women though the story of her protagonist Dana.

It is consistent with the New Black Aesthetic in that the art seeks to disturb. It samples from old art pieces updating them with current images. This technique calls to the forefront those past images and the sentiments, memories, or ideas around them and combines them with new images in a way that those of the current generation can still identify.

Afro-Futuristic artists seek to propose a deviant beauty, a beauty in which disembodiment is both inhumane, yet distinct; Afro-Futuristic artists speculate on the future, where Afro-Surrealism is about the present. Alienation Afrofuturism takes representations of the lived realities of black people in the past and present, and reexamines the narratives to attempt to build new truths outside of the dominant cultural narrative. Can't get much trippier than that. Unless, of course, you are Pink Floyd. Two discs full of one fantastically trippy Peter Gabriel story. A perennially underrated classic.

After Pink Floyd, it is certainly the one that best fits the bill. Assuming Ian isn't pulling our legs, Brick or at least its newspaper mythology of the child author, was something close to a parody of the idea.

Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 (FULL ALBUM)

Also only Side 1 was really planned. Side 2 which always seemed weaker to me was more of a studio improvisation. That makes Pet Sounds the first concept album, not Freak Out! Source: All Music Guide. Which raises the question why Pet Sounds isn't on your list. In addition to its own merits, it is a the first concept album and b according to The Beatles themselves, their immediate motivation for Sgt.

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Doesn't anyone listen to good hip-hop anymore? Great beats, lyrics and a sense of humor. Fantastic album. The story has quite a twist at the end and leaves you with your mouth hanging open wondering what just happened. The way they pull riffs from all the songs to create two instrumentals is also musical genius.

But their album Brave with singer Steve Hogarth has to be the best concept album since Floyd stopped making them. Kantner's melding of Heinlein's Methuselah's Children with hippie counterculture is a masterstroke. It was even nominated for a Hugo award, the first rock album to be so nominated. Also, I believe that The Warning was a bit conceptual, as it seemed to have a lot to do with warning us about the dangers of technology Kind of ironic, huh?

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Mindcrime beats everyone up there except Zappa and Floyd, maybe The Who. I know its not in the same league popularity-wise but at least warrants a honorable mention. While the King is gone and his 21st century schizoid man VP is still barking at the current administration, the song "Epitaph" still looms large over the landscape, just as it did in the Vietnam era. I have no idea why this wasn't on there.

Their music is awesome. Kind of ironic, huh? Mindcrime beats everyone up there except Zappa and Floyd, maybe The Who. I know its not in the same league popularity-wise but at least warrants a honorable mention. While the King is gone and his 21st century schizoid man VP is still barking at the current administration, the song "Epitaph" still looms large over the landscape, just as it did in the Vietnam era.

I have no idea why this wasn't on there. Their music is awesome. When I first got their early albums, it was all I listened to for weeks, and something I come back to often. Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland ———————————————————————————. Plus, the whole album is about the Land of Electric Ladies, and I know Jimi was conceptualizing about that, and I go with him every time I listen up. I notice something every time, like concepts within the Ladyland. Two shots of 'Voodoo Chile,' please.

Sorrow by The Pretty Things is notable by its absence in your list. Probably the first concept album based on a narrative, that of a returning World War I soldier.

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Gripping stuff. Sorrow predates Tommy by a few months. But by the time it got to America, it was considered a 'copy' of Tommy because Tommy hit U. Amazing album, really plays solid all the way through. It never released anything that wasn't a concept album.

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The whole album is not a single concept work. However, Tales From Topographic Oceans might fit, though it's an album that is pretty hard to get into. Not a single post for Close to the Edge by Yes? The shame. This was a concept album I lived outside of Detroit in the '70s and year after year, Starchild and the good Dr.

And along with the "Brides, Bootsy and the whole P-funk army," we finally won. And while Atomic Dog was a groove, by the end of the decade we all realized that the whole Motor Booty Affair was over and the synth-pop '80s were going to [bring] the whole world back into the realm of the Maggot Brain. And I would also like to point out an often overlooked bit of history: Alan Parsons was the studio engineer for Dark Side of the Moon.