Guide How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

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Having a garage sale is a great way to make extra cash and clean your house. Learn how to price items and other valuable garage sale tips you need to know.
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Thank you!! I had never held my own garage sale, and the thought of how to do this was daunting. I held my first this last weekend, and your insight and recommendations here were awesome!! I used SquareUp for debit transactions, and everything about it went flawlessly! Thank you for your kind heart and taking the time to write this article for others to benefit :!! I love the idea of the Square credit card device.

On their webpage, it asks what type of business you have or something to that affect. So, great article! I will surely also be thinking about using the internet and trying to post things in other places online as the time hopefully gets closer. Great article. While reading it i compared it to my chk list. Lot in common. Just had one this passed weekend and did great met some really nice people. Ended up selling branches of a cactus plant that just happenedy to be flowering beautifully right off of the plant.

Looking forward to our next sale. Thanx again.

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale – Tips for Pricing Items

Many great tips. Not a lot—maybe pieces? Some of them were just one or two big things like a deck of cards and some stickers. Others were lots of small pieces like bangle bracelets. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I love the idea about taking credit cards, but I would worry about charge backs. Then square comes to you to pay back. Any thoughts on that. Where do people get all the the folding tables? I know I will need at least 15 if not more.

Thank you for the amazing tips.? We borrowed, borrowed, borrowed. Pretty much every house has one or two—so we asked our friends, family, and neighbors! And made sure to label each one on the bottom with masking tape so we knew who to return them to. Love it! Such a great article! And thank you for the sharing such kinds of great tips. Yard sale signs the night before, or days before can drum up more business than morning on. Some weekends are better than others for yard sales, so choose wisely ie. Cash in on that and throw one together last minute just to save on advertise costs if you pay for newspaper ads and increase your visitors.

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June 23, AT AM. When I go to a garage sale with no prices I leave. March 1, AT AM. Cool article. Did they sell? March 9, AT PM. April 7, AT PM. April 19, AT PM. April 21, AT AM. So sorry! Ok thank you for the response. May 3, AT PM. May 6, AT PM. May 23, AT AM. June 26, AT AM. Caroline SAYS. June 30, AT PM. Awesome job on the sale :.


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What to do the Day of Your Garage Sale

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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale - Tips for Pricing Items

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How to Price Garage Sale Items

Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Getting garage sale ready takes a little patience and prep work. But the profits will be worth following this simple process:. Do a speedy spring clean.

Set aside one weekend to skim through your entire house. Look in closets and under beds, open every drawer and cabinet especially the junk zones where stuff goes to be lost forever , and spend some time getting to know the items in your basement. Keep a box handy. Okay, you covered and uncovered every surface of your home— but, chances are, you missed a few things, or maybe someone in your family needs convincing before parting ways with their stuff.

Consider hosting a multi-family sale. Ask neighbors, family and friends to join you for a multiple-family yard sale. And more foot traffic could mean more sales for you! Clean up for more cash. Wipe away any dust or dirt. People are more impressed with—and are willing to pay more for—items that look well kept. Watch the weather. Select a couple weekends that work for you and your garage sale crew. Then, as best you can, look for clear skies before giving your sale day the go-ahead.

The more you get the word out, the more people will stop to shop. Name your prices. Determine which items are common and which are rare and set prices accordingly. When in doubt ask yourself, What would I be willing to pay? Use your answer as your guide. Get organized. Treat your garage sale like a pop-up shop. Imagine what might make the experience easier for a shopper and what might make things more difficult.

If you have a collection of similar items, consider bundling them. Things like a collection of records, a bucket of tools or a plethora of holiday items could be big sellers and provide added value to the shopper. Neon-colored stickers are best to tack onto items because they are bright, attention-grabbing, and much easier to use than tape.

But remember to use low-tack stickers or tags that tie for easy removal on items that could be damaged by strong adhesive. Use a thin, black permanent marker when creating the price tags so numbers can easily be read! To save some time, you can group items together and make a big sign for those particular items.

For individual items, make sure the price tags are on large labels so there is no confusion as to what the price is. Utilize technology to invite a wider audience to your garage sale by posting on these websites:. Maximize your advertising and extend an invite to your community by posting about your garage sale in local listings or bulletins.

Your neighbors are your target audience, so do everything you can to attract their attention and support. Here are a few quick tips:. The best outcome is to try to get the buyer to purchase a few items and then you can lower the price. Again, you can always encourage people to buy more by putting up signs that offer a discount the more items they buy, such as getting a free shirt when they buy three.

In fact, you will always need cash handy to provide customers with the correct amount of change, regardless of how they pay you. Make sure to have a lot of small change: quarters, one-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, and a little bit of everything else, just in case. You can organize your cash and coins by using a money box or an apron with multiple pockets. Most importantly, be prepared to have fun. Yard sales are a great excuse to meet other people and see what items of yours will get more mileage. I have had some pretty good yard sale. Also snack size bag of chips for.

Huge success! These are some important considerations that should be followed by all those people who are going to host a yard sale. I think proper advertising is the main key factor to get a huge successful yard sale.